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Table 3 The type of clients and reasons for which Vil Du?! was used

From: Vil Du?! incorporation of a serious game in therapy for sexually abused children and adolescents

Type of clients and reasons for which Vil Du?! was used or not Questionnaires Interviews
% clients Therapists (n)
Type of clients   
Adolescents (12 years and older) 48 8
Clients with limited verbal or intellectual abilities 4 5
Children (younger than 12 years) 44 5
Parents or family   3
Clients with psychiatric condition (e.g., ADHD)   2
Reasons to use Vil Du?!   
Client avoids or is not willing to talk about CSA experiences 17 10
Client experiences high levels of tension around CSA disclosure   6
Client experiences guilt or shame about CSA experiences   3
Prevention   1
Client likes to play video games   1
To discover details about CSA 39  
Reasons to not use or stop using Vil Du?!   
Client shows high levels of negative emotions or signs of re-experiencing around CSA disclosure   6
Client could talk or write about events without much emotional difficulty   4
High verbal or intellectual abilities   3
Client finds it difficult to imagine how to use Vil Du?! for showing what happened   1
When parents do not want to know the details about their child’s CSA experiences   1
  1. Percentages under Questionnaires represent frequencies computed in SPSS